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Pakistan is the fastest growing rice-producing country in Asia. Unlike in other South and Southeast Asian countries, rice is not considered a subsistence crop in Pakistan. It is a major cash crop grown for export. Pakistan has strong rice research programs at the national and provincial levels. At the national level, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council coordinates with provincial research institutes namely Kala Shah Kakuo and Dokri Rice
Specially in purnjab where due to very favourable atmospheric conditions , the fertile soil composition and hardworking farmors pakistani rice gets special fragrance and cooking.
The quest to bring the best for you starts from the time farmers made preparations to sow seeds. Well-trained and experienced staff from IRM visits different areas and meet farmers to discuss plans for upcoming crop.
IRM has its purchase points established in the heart of major basmati growing areas in Punjab and hence remains in easy reach of the farmers.IRM brings you Basmati Rice from the lush green and water filled fields of Punjab - best suited to grow pure and genuine Basmati. IRM remains in close contact with farmers right from the seedling to the final harvesting stage.
INDUS Rice Mills Is exporting rice from pakistan to many other countries of the world since year 1972.Quality of rice at INDUS Rice Mill  is never at risK. We are very particular about the commitments made under deal & we have a unique way to to get satisfaction of the importer i. e., we send samples of container which is about to be ready for packing to get confidence and satisfaction of the Importer.

INDUS Rice Mills guarantees the nutritional values of Indus Super Basmati rice. Today, people all over the world are more health and diet conscious than ever before, and like to know the advantages of the food contents that they are consuming. Rice has begun to be seen as part of healthy diet. White rice has about 80-percent starch. Its fat contents is very low. The rest is mostly water, plus protein and minute amounts of phosphorus, potassium, calcium and vitamins B. INDUS Super Basmati Rice is particularly suitable for those with stomach and intestinal problems and also high blood pressure. The high content of potassium gives rice diuretic properties. It is also a low cholesterol diet.