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Basmati Story

Rice Bowl located in Punjab, is a gift of nature for the rice-lovers through out the whole world. The North-Eastern Punjab rightly feels the pride for its alluvial soil and INDUS Rice, which is a symbol of towering quality for rice eaters. Lush green fields of `paddy’ of North-Eastern Punjab is the land where history of Basmati lies. `Punjabians’ are perhaps the first people to cherish the taste of Basmati on earth. Their mystic legend `Waris Shah’ in his classic poem `Heer’ has mentioned the growing and use of Basmati. `Heer’ was written in 1766 signifying that Basmati rice has almost a five hundred year close relationship with the `Rice Bowl’. It can be said that the unique taste and exotic aroma of Basmati rice cultivated in the North-Eastern Punjab would have attracted the people worldwide.

`Bas’ (fragrance) of Mati (Soil) has crossed boundaries and conquered uncountable hearts. Alluvial soil retains moisture in the root-zone longer than other types of soil. Peculiar weather conditions of foot hills with hot days and cool nights multiply the power of alluvial soil and all strive for the nourishment of basmati rice. Basmati loves to be fostered in the fertile soil of “Rice Bowl” INDUS Rice Mills strategically located in the hearth of Punjab have set an envious standard in the production and export of rice since four decades.