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Right from procurement to delivery of rice to end customer, IRM takes effective quality control measures to maintain desired characteristics in the product. IRM has its own fumigation chambers, where rice is fumigated during storage and after final packing. This process is closely watched by highly trained and experienced personnel. IRM maintains most moderns testing laboratory equipped with mini mill. 
Detailed laboratory analysis form part of the routine control. Testing is regularly performed by our experienced and highly qualified analyzers right from raw rice to finished end product to ensure that product delivered to customer conforms to the given specifications. 

Testing of Rice at IRM

World best colour sortex is used at IRM

              White Rice                 Brown Rice         Par-Boiled Rice

At INDUS Rice Mill quality of rice is tested very strictly after every hour during milling process So that it does not contain any of the following impurities......


Abnormal/broken grains

Black Specs Discoloured

Red Bran streaks Immature
Glass Stones and Foreign Matter Chalky